Monday, July 19, 2010

Giants Try To Stay Hot In Chavez Ravine

The Giants bring their hot 2nd-half start to Chavez Ravine this week. Probably one of the more important series thus far this season.

The Dodgers are coming off being swept in St. Louis, while the Giants are coming off taking 3 of 4 from the NY Mets. Seems like the perfect time for the Giants, right? Not quite, remember the last series against the Dodgers...

The Giants have not faired well against the NL West, and this is the perfect test for this team that has gotten off to a hot 2nd-half start, both with their pitching and their hitting. And they will take the heart of that into LA this week. Bumgarner, Lincecum, Zito sounds like the perfect rotation against the hated Dodgers.

This is a pivotal series for both teams. The Dodgers are treading water fast, and the Giants are making their move in the division, although they lost a 1/2 game in the division in that Mets series despite taking 3 of 4. How that happened, I have no idea.

But expect that. The Padres are for real and are not going down without a fight. Expect no different from the Rockies as well. No Tulowitzki, no problem.

The test this week for the Giants, beat an NL West team, and let's go from there, because so far that is a rarity.


  1. where is the "other" 5th starter Todd "whats his face"? Down goes the Dodgers, Down goes the Dodgers...beautiful

  2. He's rehabbing in Fresno, he threw 5 shutout innings the other day...look out. Prob gonna b a long-distance reliver down the stretch. Unless J. Sanchez gets traded, then they may test him out again in that 5th spot.

  3. one of the best wins EVER against the hated dodgers last night...good knowledge on todd "whats his face" So should Sanchez be traded for a bat? I say NO WAY..whats your take?