Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Francisco 49ers Eye Matt Hasselbeck; Will Not Bid For Him

Blame Steve Young for this one. The 49er great made one comment on ESPN about a potential hook-up between free agent quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and the 49ers, and all hell broke loose.

Pure speculation, though, which is what Young should have said.

The 49ers have talked to Hasselbeck about joining their team, according to ESPN, but it all but stops there.

San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami was told by a source within the 49ers' organization that they were interested in Hasselbeck, but that they "would not get into a bidding war" for him.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, and all others drooling over a season without Alex Smith, the Tennessee Titans are ready for a bidding war.

With that said, we can end the Hasselbeck/49ers rumors now. The quote pretty much tells the story.

It seemed functional for a moment, though. Hasselbeck instead of, or including, Smith was a good idea. However, those who saw the news this afternoon and almost jumped for joy at the thought of a possible season without Smith will be sorely mistaken.

The Week 1 starter is Smith. There is zero debate over this.

If that is not enough, the one-year deal for $5 million that is being reported may be.

Smith did not organize workouts during the lockout to be a back-up or even an NFL throw-away. He is in San Francisco to fill a year before they can either go out and acquire a quarterback (unlikely), or wait for rookie Colin Kaepernick to develop.

Smith and the 49ers seem to have a mutual understanding on that.

The 49ers are who they are this next season: an inexperienced team with a rookie head coach, debatable starting quarterback and a whole lot of possible real talent to work with.

The Hasselbeck idea was pure speculation, turned into confirmed rumor, turned into debatable fiction thanks to a source within the 49ers' organization.

Hasselbeck would help San Francisco more than Smith can, but the amount the team has mentally invested in No. 11 is enough to not have them break the bank over a veteran quarterback.

This was just a small speed-bump proving the 49ers' unwavering faith in Smith in 2011.

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