Thursday, December 8, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Trade for Angel Pagan Better Than We Think

On the surface, the San Francisco Giants' trade of Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez for Angel Pagan seemed like a move that was pressured primarily because of the 2011 Winter Meetings and the understanding that the Giants would be involved in acquiring a bat.

Pagan's image is not good - just ask any New York Mets fan. The story is that he gave up on the team and has a bad attitude to go along with 10 errors in the outfield last season.

So what the Giants acquired was a poor-fielding cancer in the clubhouse.

Thanks Sabean.

However, if we measure what San Francisco gave up to acquire Pagan and what type of potential Pagan is capable of having, the trade does not seem that bad.

In reality, Torres was not going to start this season. He had a lackluster 2011, which put him in the position of fighting for his job in the outfield heading into next season, if that. What Torres did bring the Giants was speed and energy. But he was never going to hit over .270 and had a total of 45 stolen bases the past two seasons.

Pagan had 32 stolen bases in 2011 in around the same amount of game Torres played in.

The Giants gave up an outfielder who was in the running for the last available outfield spot for a player with more pop, better average and a bigger future.

Ramon Ramirez is a moderately talented reliever that can be easily replaced.

What the Giants did lose was a good fielder in the outfield, which Torres was. Pagan is not sure-handed and could be a liability out in right field, but aren't we used that with Aubrey Huff last season?

We are acting like errors in the outfield are new to San Francisco.

Ultimately, Pagan has the potential to be a .280 hitter and drive in around 70 runs for the Giants, while stealing 30 bases. Torres may not have been given the opportunity to do that and Ramirez never became that go-to reliever when they needed him last season.

We can expect Brandon Belt, Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan in the outfield next season.


  1. I wouldn't assume Belt is a lock for the outfield -- could be Schierholtz, and Belt seemed somewhat out-of-favor with SaBocheyan in the off-season.

  2. I think Schierholtz and Pagan will battle for that RF spot in spring training, but i cannot see Belt not playing in left field on Opening Day...Belt gives them a good at-bat, which is all they need in the middle of that line-up this season.

    If he is not in LF, then he will be at 1B and Huff will be on the bench, and i think that is what you were hinting at.