Monday, February 20, 2012

San Francisco Giants Smart to Tell Buster Posey Not to Block Home Plate

Bruce Bochy told catcher Buster Posey today not to block home plate if he has the chance, and that could not be a smarter move for the team's season and the franchise as a whole heading forward.

The collision involving Posey and Miami Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins at home plate last year ended Posey's season and pretty much ended the Giants' hopes of defending their World Series title.  That is exactly what

Bochy does not want that to happen this season, and he told
that just to reiterate and emphasize his thoughts on the matter.

Posey means that much to the Giants' season and near future.  The season-ending collision at the plate was what what ultimately ended the Giants' 2011 season.  If San Francisco has Posey in the line-up down the stretch of a close race in the NL West with the Arizona Diamondbacks last season, the Giants would have been a lot closer than eight games back, maybe even won it.

It was not just the absence of Posey from the line-up, but it took a toll on San Francisco's mentality for the rest of that season.  Posey was the phenom talent that the franchise's hopes would rest on for years to come, and he was the biggest bat in the middle of that line-up.

The Giants had no shot the rest of the way, no matter how close they kept it with the Diamondbacks the last couple months of the season.

Posey staying away from a collision at home plate this season is better than giving up one run.  Of course, the Giants' offense cannot afford to have runs scored against their pitching, but that is not the point here.

Having Posey for an entire season with his bat and potential is much more beneficial to the team in the longrun than blocking the plate and risk getting hurt again.  The team cannot afford it this season or in seasons to come.

This also brings up another point as to what position Posey will be playing in the longrun for this ball club.  Bochy's recent actions may have told us more than we think on that subject.  It will make for great conversation the first time Posey steps out of the way and swipe-tags the runner at home plate.  It think it is pretty obvious where the team is leaning with their young player.

However, Bochy and the franchise were right to tell Posey to avoid injury at any cost.  He means that much to this team and future of this franchise.


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