Thursday, September 20, 2012

San Francisco Giants: Bochy Shows Support For Alex Smith, 49ers

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was originally fined $15,000 by the NFL for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat during Sunday's postgame press conference, following the 49ers' victory over the Detroit Lions.

Smith's fine of $15,000 was rescinded, and the NFL instead gave a warning to the 49ers quarterback.

The rule states that no player may wear non-sponsored gear 90 minutes before and after a game.

Smith's Giants support on Sunday broke that rule, although the hat has become a fixture on the head of Smith over the past year.

Earlier Thursday, the Giants showed their support of Smith and 49ers.

Manager Bruce Bochy wore a 49ers hat during the pre-game press conference, which caused quite a stir throughout the ballpark.

There is no rule that bars baseball players from wearing non-sponsored gear before or after games, but there should be a rule against a man with a 8 1/3 size hat making due with a 7 1/4 size hat, as Bochy did before their victory over the Rockies.

There has been no word from the MLB on whether Bochy will be fined for showing his support of a local team.

In addition, both Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson have shown their support for Smith.

Both said they will contribute their own money to Smith's fine, if he in fact wears the Giants hat again to a postgame press conference.

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