Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roman on 49ers' Super Bowl Play Calling: 'That's Life'

'Should, coulda, woulda' is how 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman sums up the play calling in the final drive of Super Bowl XLVII. Roman has received some flack for the lack of creativity in the final four plays of the 49ers' season, but has not let it discourage him.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King spoke with Roman about the Super Bowl loss to the Ravens. Here is what Roman had to say:

"That's life," said Roman. "That's sort of the life of a coach. Will it eat at me? Of course it will. But I'll use it as motivation going forward. To dwell on something that's over is so utterly pointless. Anytime you make a call and the play doesn't work, you think of another play that might have worked. We had a valiant effort, a great comeback, and it wasn't enough. That's life. It's the game we love, the highs, the lows. But it doesn't take away from what we did this year, and how excited I'm going to be to coach these guys next year."

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