Wednesday, April 21, 2010

49ers NFL Draft Preview

Who really knows how any NFL Draft will end up? It's such a commotion on Draft Day that there is really no way to predict who is going where. I mean, Michael Crabtree ended up with the 49ers last year and no one thought that was possible. It just takes one or two teams to go a different way with their picks, and another team gets rich.

For the 49ers, there are too many ways this team can go, and they are not giving out information on who they have their eye on and what position they would really like filled. Plus, ex-GM Scot McCloughan has left the team, and interim Trent Baalke is forced to take over.

The 49ers hold the 13th and 17th picks, and for me, there are two positions that the 49ers must draft somewhere between April 22-24, an OL and a CB/S. Good news for the 49ers, this year's Draft is full of them.

Let's start with the Offensive Tackles. Russell Okung, Brian Bulaga, and Trent Williams are the big boys for this position. Although I would love to see Trent Williams, who sports a 6'5" 310 pound frame, fall to the 49ers, I don't think we are going to see that. But I will say that the #4 best OT, Anthony Davis, will be there if the 49ers want him. It depends for the 49ers, are they going to go with the best available player? Or with the position that they need most?

Anthony Davis is a junior OT out of Rutgers. He is 6'6" 325 pounds, but questions about his weight and love of the game is what has buried him so far down the Draft Board. Do the 49ers need someone like that? No, but if he turns out to show no problems at all, then a 6'6" 325 pound frame could bolster that 49ers offensive line, most definitely.

Again, this is all depending on if these players are still there come the 49ers turn at #13, but S Earl Thomas out of Texas is projected to go #14 to the Seahawks. I don't see how the 49ers can pass up on as promising a Safety as Thomas. But the 49ers sole goal is to get an OL, and if a worthy one is there, they will go with that.

If the 49ers plan on going with the best available player at #13, you will probably see Jason Pierre-Paul go, assuming he is still there. I think he will, but again, you never know. Todd McShay has him going to the Jaguars at #10 but all other experts have him going somewhere above that. Pierre-Paul is the DE out of South Florida.

But if you're looking for the sleeper pick, I have one for you. After having Michael Crabtree fall in their laps last year, the 49ers will be looking for that same thing in Jimmy Clausen. Clausen can go anywhere from 7-17 in the Draft. If the 49ers want him, he will have to hurdle some teams.

First up, what will the Browns do at #7? They picked up Jake Delhomme during the offseason and traded away Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Is Jake Delhomme their QB? Or will they give another Notre Dame QB a try? The Browns would be fools to pass up Clausen here, but if they are set on Delhomme as their QB, who is scheduled to make $7M this season, then Clausen will fall at least till #8.

The #8 pick belongs to the Raiders. With Jamarcus Russell and Bruce Gradkowski fighting it out for the QB position, I doubt they take a QB here, even one that makes as much sense as Clausen. The Raiders have far other priorities they need to fill instead of a QB, and the OL is one of them. I just don't see it happening here.

But if Clausen gets past the Raiders at #8, and possibly the Bils at #9 (no telling if Trent Edwards is their man), I see the 49ers having a legitimate shot at him. Every other team between the Raiders and 49ers already have solid starting QB's. The 49ers don't even need to draft Clausen at #13 because every team between them and their next pick at #17 already has a starting QB as well. So if they don't draft him at #13, don't panic.

Will the 49ers do it? I'm not sure. But there is a logic to be believe that Clausen will be there if they want him. It is a matter of Clausen getting past the #7,8, and 9 picks, which I predict he will. What's better? Todd McShay realizes this as well and has Clausen going to the 49ers as the #17 pick.

My Predictions: 49ers

#13- There is some who beleive that CJ Spiller would be drafted here. I see the best OL available for this spot. To me, it's going to be between OT Anthony Davis and OG Mike Iupati from Idaho. The 49ers need help at OG. My pick: Mike Iupati

#17- If Jimmy Clausen is there, then it's Clausen. If not, look for CB Joe Haden from Florida to sneak down, or even DE Jason Pierre-Paul. My Pick: Jimmy Clausen

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  1. First,If the 49ers are even THINKING QB to draft its a HUGE mistake. In the last 20 years tell me a QB who went in the first round to win a super bowl(which is the main goal for ANY team isnt it) except the obvious "Manning boys"; but these two are the exception not the rule. Now if there was a caliber QB like that out there its a no brainer...but theres not. QBs in this draft are ok and may one day develop but not worth the money or first round draft status. The 49ers need to build that OL and the secondary right now so when we are ready for that final piece we can attract and sign the next great 49er QB. The QB of the 49ers future is out there to be signed at a later date "alla" Drew Brees and once again the 49ers will be LEGEN..wait for it.......DARY!!!!!