Monday, April 26, 2010

The Giants' Offense Will Have Its Days

If last night's Giants game was any sign, this is going to be a long season. The Giants won last night 5-1, behind Jonathan Sanchez and, well, their offense. That same offense that was verbally bashed this week by everyone and anyone worthy of an opinion.

Last week, the Giants averaged something like 1.3 runs a game, and all panic broke out in the Bay Area. Sure, the offense, on paper, is nothing special. In fact, Brad Penny reminded us of that the other day, while he was pitching and after the game as well. But last night's offensive beating (in Giants talk, not true of any other MLB team) of ace Roy Halladay showed that this team will have its games. They can put the bat on the ball, occasionally.

Is it possible that Penny's verbal beating of the Giants' offense had something to do with their approach to the plate last night? It sure looked like it, and I wish to believe it played a part. There was a new approach going to the plate, and that was "Halladay is going to throw me first-pitch meat pies over the plate, and I am going to swing at them." Halladay's lack of respect (or so it seemed) for the Giants' offense actually worked in the Giants favor last night, and they took advantage early and often. Sure, the whopping 5 runs scored last night is nothing much, but give it up for a line-up that boasts no legitimate power hitters going up against Doc Halladay.

It's just going to be that kind of season for the Giants and their overanxious fan base and those who choose to comment on it. Panic when they don't score, relief when they do.

This week's main topic in Giantsland was when are the Giants going to get some big power hitter to save the team? Not never is what I say. It's not going to happen. Names being thrown out there were Carlos Lee and Jermaine Dye. Sure, it would be great to get another bat in the line-up, and I hope they do, don't get me wrong. But don't expect it. MLB hitters aren't as fond of AT&T Park as the fans that pack the seats every game are.

Honestly, the Giants are lucky they got such a dynamite pitching staff, otherwise this whole "lack of hitting" ordeal would stick out like a sore thumb, and then there really would be pandemonium in the Bay Area, instead of making a story out of nothing.

One week, they will hit great, the next week, nothing. It's a long season, don't panic. Wait until the pitching staff has a bad week, oh man. All hell will break loose. That might happen, although it doesn't seem like it will anytime soon. For now, enjoy the ebbs and flows this line-up will throw at you week in and week out.

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