Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giants Done Dealing?

The San Francisco Giants have had a surprisingly up and down offseason so far in the last month since their World Series Championship.

The Aubrey Huff signing was on the top of their list, and they got that done quickly, but the Giants hit a bit of a speed bump when their walking catch phrase Juan Uribe parted San Francisco for enemy Hollywood. The Giants would counter, though, with the signing of Miguel Tejada who will fill the void at shortstop, or third base, or wherever the heck they plan on putting him. It's really not clear.

But what has some Giants fans a little disturbed is the Pat Burrell signing. Now, theres no problem in signing Pat Burrell, especially for the $1 million petty change they paid him (by the way, Burrell would have signed with SF for peanuts). But the fact GM Brian Sabean signed him so early in the offseason has some a little ticked off.

The Giants seemed to make it clear that after Burrell's performance in the World Series, he was going to be last on the Giants' list of who to sign. Then why one month into the offseason did the Giants sign him? Does this mean they're done?

It sure seems that way, although let's not jump to conclusions until after the Winter Meetings. But odds are the Giants are done making moves.

Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals for bajillions, and Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are about to get straight paid by the Yankees, or whoever outbids them (I say no one). So get your heads out of the gutter with those thoughts, Giants fans.

I sure hope the Giants aren't done. They need a legit shortstop or legit third baseman, because I don't see Tejada making it through an entire season at shortstop. What happens if Pablo Sandoval stinks up the joint like he did last year? Is Mike Fontenot or Ryan Rohlinger the answer? Not if they want to repeat as World Champs.

Jason Bartlett is still out there for trade and I wouldn't mind him running the infield in 2011. But all Giants rumors involving Bartlett faded away after the Tejada and Burrell signings.

So they're done dealing, right?

Well, let's give it some time, I mean, the Winter Meetings do sometimes get General Managers a little frisky.

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