Sunday, November 25, 2012

49ers Injury Report: Williams, Hunter Likely Out

The 49ers lost two key supporting players on one play Sunday in New Orleans. Kendall Hunter and Kyle Williams both were injured on the same running play to the left side of the defense during the second half of the 49ers' gritty win on the road, 31-21.

The team announced that Williams injured his knee, while Hunter injured his ankle, but nothing more -- as per usual from Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers.
 Harbaugh did say both would be checked out after the game, though.

The fear for the 49ers is that Williams may have torn some knee ligaments, which would put him out for a significant amount of time. Hunter's ankle injury is a little less serious, but he is still very much a key piece of the 49ers' running game.

On an unrelated note, Brandon Jacobs got his first carry as a 49er on Sunday -- one carry for one yard.

The injuries to Williams and Hunter are sure to put them out for some time, with Williams likely out indefinitely -- assuming he does have torn ligaments in his knee.

In that case, we should be able to see the two prized rookies, A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James, get some action in their absences. Both players have yet to see an NFL during the regular season, but James did get some work in as the preparation for Darren Sproles and the Saints this week. Jenkins is said to require some work, but learning from players like Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree during practice should have him fully prepared for an NFL game in Williams' absence.


  1. AJ Jenkins is pure perfection - you'll see. For a year now, I have been lobbying "Let Kappy Play" and no one listened. Now that he is playing the niners are at least poised to make some noise... win or lose, we make noise and it is fun!

  2. It's a great opportunity for Jenkins. We'll see how Roman utilizes him because there is a lot you can do with a player like him