Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Disgruntled Frank Gore Is A Weary San Francisco 49ers' Offense

San Francisco 49ers' running back Frank Gore did not play Saturday night against the Houston Texans at Candlestick Park.

Instead, he stood dressed on the sidelines with a bit of a disgruntled look on his face.

It needs to be understood that Gore's mean-looking mug is just the way he was made, so maybe there was nothing wrong. However, the 49ers' offense did look flightless on Saturday night, which is why the talks of Gore's contract must be a top priority in Niner Land.

Gore has been publicly unhappy with contract talks between the him and the 49ers over the past few weeks, and it appeared to be a real concern for everyone involved when coach Jim Harbaugh told him that it would be best to sit out Saturday's game.

In summary, the 49ers were blown out of the water by the Houston Texans.

Despite GM Trent Baalke saying he wants to make Gore a "49er for life" and Gore saying he will be there for his team no matter what, there has still not been an extension reached.

Gore remains unhappy, which is not good if the 49ers have an unhappy player in their backfield that pretty much fuels their offense this season.

By the looks of things on Saturday night, in which the Texans man-handled San Francisco, Baalke better act quick.

An unhappy Gore is a terrible offense, which leads to losses -- many of them.


  1. Give Gore a three year deal.....if he refuses , reluctantly let him walk after this year. I appreciate him as a Niner but unless they surprise they can rebuild with Hunter and Dixon just as well. Gore can then have a couple of productive years elsewhere. Bill Walsh always let players go a year or two early, and he was usually right on.

  2. For how much Gore does for this team and how much they rely on him for their offense, i dont blame him for wanting more money.

    However, if they do not re-sign him, i agree it wont be that big of a deal. Hunter looks really good, and a one-two punch like Hunter and Dixon could be exciting to see grow in the next few years.