Saturday, August 20, 2011

San Francisco Giants' Baseball Is Torture, But Not the Good Kind

Losing is contagious.

You know how I know?

The defending World Series champions, and a team in the middle of a competitive playoff race, are in danger of being swept by the worst team in baseball.

Do you cringe when you watch Giants baseball these days? How about turn away from the television once the opposing team scores over three runs?

You're not alone.

The Giants can blame the ever-growing list of injuries, and so can the fans. But once San Francisco lost on Saturday afternoon in Houston to the last place Astros, who boast a vast array of 'who's who?' in their line-up, those excuses ended.

The NL West was officially a battle of 'who can limp into the playoffs best?'

This Giants' team still sports the infamous "torture" motto. Live by it, and die by it.

However, this year's team has given the term a whole different meaning.

It used to be that San Francisco was known for one-run games and walk-off wins. I even wrote an article about it earlier this season, which shows you how convinced I was.

Now, the "torture" refers to us, at home on our couches, watching these players on television.

They are not out of it yet, which is surprising considering how hot the Arizona Diamondbacks were at one point and how injury-prone the Giants still are and continue to be. Yet, Arizona cannot seem to pull away, no matter how hard the Giants try to give the division to them.

However, this last week has shown us a lot about the fate of the NL West in September. The Diamondbacks are still not a good team, as shown by the fact that they simply cannot keep up with the elites like the Braves and Phillies. Also, the Giants need to get healthy and back on track, because if they do, they will win the West.

San Francisco is the best team in their division. It is just masked by the list of jugular-seeking injuries, horrid at-bats and the fact that this team is simply down on itself.

Other than that, they're fine, right?

Yet to be seen.

September will be a month of torture. It is up to the Giants as to whether they want it to be the good kind or bad kind.

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