Thursday, November 10, 2011

San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants Preview & Prediction

A test...finally a test.

Before Week 1, did you think that would be what we were saying in Week 10?

Not sure many did, but the match-up agains the New York Giants on Sunday will be an actual test, and a good one at that.

I seems so long ago that the 49ers played the Lions and squeaked one out at Ford Field in Detroit. Now at 7-1 on the season, this 49ers team is for real and the nation is taking notice.

Realistically, this game against the Giants will be a fight for which team acquires the 1st round bye in the NFC playoffs.

The Giants, at 6-2, are slowly coming into their own, with a dynamic defense and a quarterback that is showing what he really has with his brother on the sidelines.

One thing the 49ers will have going for them is the lack of a New York running back, as Ahmad Bradshaw was ruled out of Week 10's game. Not that San Francisco's No. 1 rushing defense was going to let Bradshaw get anywhere, but he was a test that the 49ers were primed to meet.

The biggest test for the 49ers on Sunday will be containing Eli Manning. There is no stopping him these days, but keeping him at bay with a turnover or two would be a win for the San Francisco secondary.

For the Giants, it will be stopping Frank Gore. New York has the 25th ranked run defense and Gore already tore up the Redskins' No. 21 rushing attack last week on just 19 carries.


As i mentioned before, it will be enough for the 49ers to contain Manning, seeing as the run defense should take care of itself.

However, it is not Tom Coughlin's first rodeo, and i think he will have some trick up his sleeve for Alex Smith this weekend. With that said, Smith will need to limit mistakes against a gritty New York defense, which means that Jim Harbaugh will need some tricks of his own.


How do you pick against the 49ers these days?

Well, this is about as close as it gets.

The home field advantage should be apparent in this game, and i give the slight edge to the 49ers in most major categories heading into the NFC showdown in San Francisco.

49ers win 27-24

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