Wednesday, November 2, 2011

San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Redskins Preview & Predictions

The San Francisco 49ers will make their way to Washington D.C. this week to take on the Redskins looking for their sixth straight win and continue their undefeated season on the road.

Let's lay the facts out here because they should pretty much tell the story for how we can presume this game to end up. The 49ers are looking to extend their record to 7-1, and the Redskins are losers of four of their last five games.

The Redskins choose to focus their attention on their running game, which now consists of just Ryan Torain and Roy Helu. Seeing as Torain had a tough time against the 20th ranked run defense in the NFL in the Buffalo Bills last week, we can expect the 49ers' first ranked rushing defense to have their way with the Washington backfield.

Grossman, Beck or whoever they are throwing out there these days should not play much of a factor with a growing San Francisco secondary either.

That would mean that the game for the 49ers comes down to limiting dumb turnovers. Seeing as Harbaugh pretty much has this team by the throat when it comes to game-plan and overall effort, the 49ers should have zero problem with a reeling Redskins team.


Turnovers is the major factor in this game, particularly with the 49ers because if San Francisco can limit turning over the ball, which has been their strongest suit, the Redskins will have less than a chance at winning this football game.

If Alex Smith can continue his magical stance against turnover, then we should see Harbaugh with a possible smile on his face on the sideline. A rarity.


Frank Gore should have another field day on the ground, this time with the 21st ranked rushing defense.

Although i do not expect Smith to throw for many yards this week, given the Redskins veteran defense, i do expect Harbaugh to let him air it out once or twice and really open that playbook up.

49ers roll 31-17

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