Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Berkman Calls Hunter Pence Broken Bat Hit 'Illegal,' Thinks Tigers Will Win World Series

Mark this one under "bitter player on the losing team."

After the St. Louis Cardinals were defeated for the third straight game in a row on their way to giving up a World Series birth, injured Cardinal Lance Berkman shared his thoughts on Hunter Pence's all-out strange base hit past shortstop Pete Kozma on Monday night.

Berkman called the hit "illegal," according to Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci.

Rule 6.05 (h) clearly states that a ball cannot hit a hitter's bat twice -- Pence's bat hit the ball three times.

Verducci cites the vagueness of the rule, which makes the fact that Pence's bat splintered and did not break a legal hit.  The rule states "a part" of the bat that flies off may not hit the ball again. It says nothing about a part of the bat that is still connected to the rest of the bat -- yet splintered -- hitting the ball again.

Honestly, it really did not matter.  Pence's base hit scored two runs, as well as another run on a Jon Jay error in center field to make the game 5-0. The Cardinals still would have had to score runs to make their Pence rule dispute even close to stomachable for the MLB -- that never happened.

Berkman did not leave without giving the public his stone-cold lock for the World Series -- the Detroit Tigers.

I suggest throwing all your money down on that one.......

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