Monday, November 1, 2010

When the Lights Go Down In the City, Giants Are World Series Champs

Does it seem real yet?

Our beloved Giants who came into this season worried about so many things have found a way to snatch away a World Series Championship from the hands of the overwhelmingly favored Yankees, Phillies, and Rangers. This truly is an underog story.

How many times have you heard this? A team of unwanted players comes together and wins a championship.

Not in real life you didn't.

How shocked are the Yankees and Phillies with payrolls through the roof? They're looking up at a team whose biggest signing this offseason was Aubrey Huff, who nobody wanted. The Giants did Huff a favor, and in Game 4, he repaid them.

I want to thank...ummmm...Big Time Timmy Jim...Cainer...Mad Bum...ahhhh! I know I'm forgetting someone.

You can even throw Jonathan Sanchez in there for his role down the stretch of the playoff run.

This Giants team was poised to make a run in these playoffs with pitching like that. They did not disappoint. And how could they? There were zero expectations for them.

Never in a million years would the Giants be favored to win the World Series with this team. That's why it's amazing what they've accomplished.

You can take any player off the Rangers roster right now and put them on the Giants, and they are going to bat either 3rd, 4th, or 5th in this line-up.

Then how did they win? Destiny, torture and it was all worth it.

A group of good 'ol guys who finished first. Misfits, if you will.

What else do you call them? Misfits? Idiots?

How about World Series Champs?!

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