Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winning With 'Misfit' Roster May Never Happen Again

Brian Wilson heaved the final pitch, a slider middle-in starting at the defenseless Nelson Cruz's elbow and ending across the heart of the plate with a swing and a miss. Wilson turned to center field, as we saw him do 48 times in the regular season and 6 additonal times in the 2010 playoffs, and throw up his crossed arms with fingers pointed to the sky.

The Giants won the World Series. The Torture is over.

"I wanna rage...right now."

52 years in the making for the city of San Francisco. This team of idiots did something that none of the infamous Giants players of the past could do, bring a World Series Championship to San Francisco.

But guys like Aubrey Huff, Juan Uribe, and Edgar Renteria did?

Who are these guys and how did they just win a World Championship?

When I think World Series, I think about the Yankees or some big market ball club with big market names like Jeter. Not Cody Ross.

Before the 2010 playoffs, could a fan on the east coast even name 3 players on the Giants? Doubt it. Fact!

The 2010 Giants were a collection of cast-offs and misfits who dared to show the nation that they were, in fact, a bunch of no-name players with big hearts, big bats, and big arms.

Might we see this ever again? A team of throw-away players winning it all?

Who knew about Matt Cain or Madison Bumgarner? Or Buster Posey and Andres Torres?

These are not household names, but their performance in the 2010 playoffs sure changed that.

To win World Series of the past, you need big name bats and big name arms to boot. The Giants had one big name and that was Tim Lincecum, only because he has won 2 Cy Young Awards.

We will never see a team with a cast-off like Aubrey Huff batting 3rd, or a throw-away like Pat Burrell batting 5th, win a championship ever again.

This team reached down for a little extra because they had to. They were against the odds to begin with. Nothing to prove. Something the Yankees or Phillies couldn't do.

The Giants made a mockery of Major League Baseball and ESPN, for that matter, being a team from the west coast with no-name players. Then why does this feel so deserving?

They may have not been the best in all of 2010, but they were the best for the last month and a half. Isn't that the point?

Call them what you want, but the fact is this roster does not have any no-names anymore. Sure, they were cast-offs and misfits, idiots and beard growers. But for this next year, they are World Series Champions.

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