Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Reasons The 49ers Need To Re-Sign Alex Smith

Yes, I said it. It would be beneficial for the 49ers to re-sign Alex Smith and make him their starting quarterback for the 2011-12 NFL season. I'll go one step further. Smith gives the 49ers the best chance of winning in 2011-12.

Sure, Smith is getting chance number 2, 3, or 4, I've lost count now, but the 49ers need Smith this season more than ever.

Currently, the 49ers have one quarterback signed, and that is David Carr. Based on that logic, the 49ers don't actually plan on starting Carr, right? I sure hope not, and my common sense would tell me no team in the NFL would want to.

So what's the 49ers' plan then? They must sign someone, and the only logical option is Smith.

That last sentence may have sent some 49er fans' heads spinning at the thought of yet another season where #11 is taking the snaps, but hear my out.

Smith is the only option for the 49ers, and I have four reasons to prove it.

#4 - Jim Harbaugh and Smith Are Getting Along

Take it for what it's worth, but Harbaugh and Smith have become quite cozy with each other. Evidently, they've been throwing the ball around and talking fundamentals, and reports are they have taken quite a liking to each other. It's always important for your coach to get along with his quarterback, so this seems like a positive, right? Well, we'll see.

I like the idea of Harbaugh mixing with Smith. Not since Norv Turner or Mike Martz has Smith had someone who legitimately knows something about the quarterback position. Harbaugh could teach him a few things, and Smith is a bright enough guy to where I've got to believe he can take it in and process what is being taught to him.

Look what Harbaugh did with Andrew Luck.

Now, I am in no way comparing the NFL to college football. The NFL is a much bigger beast and we will see how Harbaugh fairs in the big leagues. He has not proven anything yet. But wouldn't it be fun to see what Harbaugh, a legitimate quarterbacks coach, can do with Smith? I'd like to at least take a gander at it.

#3 - No Chance At Trading For A QB

There's no doubt, several quarterbacks are on the public trading block and the 49ers would be smart to take a look at some of them, and reports are they have. I'm talking about names like Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb and Vince Young. But is it really likely the 49ers have not only the money, but the players to trade for players of that calibur?

Going down the list, Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati. He's disgruntled with the franchise and wants out. But it seems like Palmer may be leaning a little further towards retirement than an actual move to a different team. Do I want someone like that on my team? Even if the 49ers were interested, I've got to believe that the 49ers franchise may be just a hair better run than the Bengals. So why the 49ers? Fresh start for Palmer? That would be the only reason.

No one is ruling it out, and it would be a dream situation, but chances are slim.

Kolb is another prized QB the 49ers would love to have. But I can sum it up with 'never ever,' as in the Eagles will never ever give up Kolb, what with Michael Vick's situation and all. It would have to be a trade package above and beyond for the the Eagles to give him up.

Vince Young may be the likeliest of available quarterback possibilities for the 49ers. They've shown interest and they should. But do they really want such a headcase with that type of NFL past to be leading their team? If he throws touchdowns, yes. But why take the chance?

#2 - Nothing In The Draft

We will see exactly what the 49ers are thinking come draft day. Do they take a quarterback at #7 or re-sign Smith? The answer may come quicker than you think. The fact is the quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft are weak. Blaine Gabbert is good and Cam Newton is a hit or miss type of player, but does anyone else strike a chord with you?

We'll look at it this way: Who gives the 49ers the best chance of winning in 2011? Smith, Gabbert or Newton?

Gabbert will not ready be for the NFL just yet, and Newton is too into his ego for him to be on my team. Plus, Newton's scouting combine turned me off, and possibly NFL teams off as well.

Smith gives the 49ers the best chance to win in 2011.

Odds are the 49ers' thinking is the same. Go with what you know, and they know Alex Smith.

#1 - He's The Best Option They Got

Given the previous three reasons, Smith is not only the best option available, but the only option availabe. Carr or Smith?

I've got to believe, hope, pray that the 49ers re-sign Smith. I'm not saying long-term. No, definitely not. But how about one year? That's still a stretch for some resentful 49er fans, I know. 10-day contract then?

Let's see what Harbaugh can do with him because the draft is hopeless, and trading for a QB seems glim.

When all else fails, point the finger back at Smith. We've gotten used to it here in San Francisco.

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