Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Niemi Inks Four More Years In San Jose

"Too legit to quit." That would be the Sharks' answer to why they signed 'hot to the touch' goalie Antti Niemi to a 4-year extension yesterday. He will be property of the Sharks until 2014-15 season.

Maybe a spur of the moment deal, seeing as Niemi went 10-2 in February and has vaulted the Sharks into the 3rd spot in the Western Conference, but is there really anyone disagreeing with this signing? It doesn't hurt, right?

Reports are that Niemi will be getting paid about $3.8 million over the next 4 years (he is getting paid $2 million for this season).

It's an upgrade for Niemi, and, sure, he deserves it. It was shocking to me that a Stanley Cup winning goalie would be getting paid just $2 million per season the year after winning it all.

It's a steal for the Sharks. Compare it to this: When the Sharks had Evgeni Nabokov in net, they were paying him around $6 million per season. $6 million for a goalie that, although his regular season numbers were stellar, could not produce in the playoffs.

Now the Sharks have inked Niemi for much less ($3.8 million) and get a proven goalie who has success in the playoffs. Seems like a winner.

Maybe they jumped the shark a little (pardon the pun), but the Sharks now have a solid net-minder with proven success...for a low price.

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