Thursday, September 29, 2011

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles Preview & Predictions

A week or so ago, no one really cared about this game. The Eagles were going to roll over the 49ers without a problem.

Now with Michael Vick's hand, and the 49ers playing moderately well, this just became a game.

No word on how severe Vick's hand injury really is, just that he has one on his non-throwing hand and will be playing in Sunday's match-up with the 49ers.

Vick has been less than standard this season. The "dream team" was supposed to run through the NFC, however, they are 1-2 and need this win just to regain some of their respect.

With Vick's injury, the man to stop has changed to running back LeSean McCoy, who has rushed for 345 yards in the first three games of the season. He is expected to have the bulk of possessions in his hands on Sunday.

For the 49ers, Frank Gore needs a statement game, and what better game to do it in than against a preseason Super Bowl favorite?

Alex Smith can continue to be conservative in his passing, but it will take more than that for the 49ers to get past the Eagles, especially with the stacked Philadelphia defense.


Gore will need a huge game if the 49ers are to beat the Eagles. He had a lack-luster game in Week 2 and needs to step it up this week in order to regain some of his consistency.

All is not lost if he does not show up, though. Back-up Kendall Hunter has proven to be ready to carry somewhat of a load in the NFL, and Week 4 at Philadelphia could very well be his coming-out party.


As much as the 49ers' chances of winning have gone up since Vick's injury, the Eagles' defense and rushing attack may be too much.

Vick will still be mobile, the defense can be lockdown and McCoy is still speedy quick.

Eagles should win 24-17

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