Sunday, October 2, 2011

San Francisco 49ers' Comeback Win in Philly Reveals Team on the Rise

Alex Smith did not commit an interception for the second week in a row and the San Francisco 49ers made a second half comeback to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-23 on Sunday.

The 49ers shocked NFL nation with the win, taking their record to 3-1 on the season, and sending the Eagles into a state of self-doubt and a 1-3 record.

The Vince Young proclaimed "Dream Team" collapsed yet again in the second half, this time at the hands of Smith, who threw for 291 yards on 21 of 31 passing. He also threw for two touchdowns in the win.

The team also road the coattails of running back Frank Gore, who ran for 127 yards and a touchdown on the day.

Gore was listed on the 49ers' injury report at the beginning of the week. However, that did not seem to stop him from rolling the Eagles' pronounced defense.

The Week 4 match-up showed the NFL a ton.

It showed them that the Eagles may not be as in sync as everyone thought they were. Putting together a slew of superstar names does not equal a superstar team.

As for the 49ers, they're for real. Let's get that out there quickly.

Jim Harbaugh has figured out something with Alex Smith that the coaches before him have not.

Keep it simple, stupid.

We did get to see Smith air it out a few times on Sunday, showing that he was not afraid of the headline names in the Philly secondary. However, for the majority, we saw quick, tight completions. Smith has become stellar at those plays so far this season.

As much as we need to talk about Smith in this game, we also need to give the 49ers' defense credit where credit is due.

Holding the Eagles' running backs to 33 total yards on the ground is one thing. Keeping Michael Vick in the pocket in the second half is another.

The defense clicked in those third and fourth quarters and it resulted in three second half points for Philly.

A momentum-igniting win for San Francisco, and a daunting loss for the Eagles.

Player of the Game

Frank Gore's 15 carries for 127 yards and a touchdown was a clear relief for the 49ers on Sunday. He was the go-to man when they needed that two or three yard run for the first down, and he was able to stretch it for 40 yards, as well.

His injury is obviously minor, if that, and there was a feeling that the Eagles may not have taken either Gore seriously this week or the 49ers' offensive line seriously this week.

News: Gore is one to be taken seriously on a weekly basis, and the San Francisco offensive line should not be underestimated.


Alex Smith keeps topping his own impressive performances this season, and this one ranks up there as one of the best in his topsy-turvy career.

No interceptions yet again, and a few drives that sent chills down die-hard 49er fans' backs is why Smith is for real this season.

He put the team on his arm this week on the road in Philly, and the 49ers came out winners.

Who knew it could happen like that?

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