Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions Preview & Predictions

As far as i am concerned, if you picked the 49ers and Lions as the game of the season thus far in Week 5, you are a lying liar.

Sure, the Lions were on a roll from last season and the 49ers' franchise received a makeover with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, but a record of 9-1 between them?


It is pretty obvious what the Lions/49ers match-up details this weekend. It will be the Lions relentless offensive attack and determined defense against the 49ers trying to find something that works....anything.

The 49ers are 4-1 for a reason, though.

However, against this Detroit team, the 49ers will need everything to work on the defensive side of the ball for there to even be talk about how this offense will react to Ndamukong Suh & Co.

What the 49ers do have going for them is a tremendous defense against the run, which should not be a problem against an off and on runner like Jahvid Best.

Another thing that San Francisco has going for them is a decent offensive line and an offense made for the quarterback to get the ball out of his hands quick.

The 49ers will be on the defensive a lot against these Lions, but there are a few holes that they can pick at in this game. Rest assured, Harbaugh will find them.


There is zero doubt in anyone's mind that the deciding factor of this game depends on how well the 49ers cover Calvin Johnson and how well they protect Alex Smith.

Personally, the quick slants and crafty play-calling of Harbaugh will play a huge role in taking that Lions' front line out of the game. How long can you keep Suh out of a game for? We will find out on Sunday.

Carlos Rogers will most likely get the call on Johnson, but you better believe he will not be the only one with an eye on him. The best defense on Calvin Johnson is one with three players surrounding him at all times. Freak of nature.


Despite the Lions looking virtually unstoppable so far this season, the 49ers offense stacks up against them as well as anybody in this league.

Smith's ability to get rid of the ball quickly to a receiver and/or throw the ball away when needed and avoid the sack will go a long way on Sunday.

Ultimately, it will be Smith's arm (yes, his arm) and Harbaugh's play-calling that will get San Francisco this win on the road against one of the best the NFL has to offer.

49ers win 27-24

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