Saturday, March 17, 2012

NFL Free Agency 2012: 49ers Sign Mario Manningham; Peyton Manning Next?

The 49ers made their second free agent signing at the wide receiver position on Saturday night, signing Mario Manningham a deal with the team.

NBC's Pro Football Talk is reporting that Manningham has signed a two-year deal with San Francisco.

Manningham played last season for the New York Giants, making a clutch game-changing catch to extend the Giants' season on their way to a Super Bowl victory.  He finished last season with 39 receptions for 523 yards.

The signing comes at a good time, after the 49ers reportedly flew to North Carolina to watch free agent quarterback Peyton Manning workout, as well as take a physical.

With San Francisco adding Manningham along with their signing of Randy Moss last week, the table is set for the Manning era in San Francisco.

How can Manning turn this opportunity down right now?

With Manning at the helm, this is the best team in football, hands down.

Even without Manning, the 49ers are set to be Super Bowl contenders.  They just need a quarterback to steer the way.

The Broncos have reportedly offered Manning a five-year deal worth $90 million, bu given the right deal, it would be hard Manning to turn down equal money for a team with the Super Bowl in clear sight.

The 49ers' defense is arguably the best in the NFL, the special teams was terrific last season, the running game has the potential for a breakout year and all San Francisco is missing is the right player under center.

All signs are pointing to Manning being that guy and the 49ers having one terrific stab at taking the NFL by storm.

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