Monday, March 19, 2012

Report: Alex Smith Leaves Miami Without A Contract, Headed to 49ers

NFL Network's Rebecca Haarlow is reporting that free agent Alex Smith has left Miami and is headed to Santa Clara to meet with the 49ers.

Smith was reportedly upset with the 49ers after they were in hard pursuit of Peyton Manning over the last week.  Additionally, Smith was unhappy with San Francisco's first offer of three years for $24 million, including $10 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins, who Smith met with Smith for five hours on Sunday and have reportedly begun contract negotiations, are said to have made a similar offer of $8 million per year, but for more than three years.

The Dolphins signed quarterback David Garrard on Monday, though.

However, if Smith wants to continue is NFL career, there is only one destination he needs decid upon.

He needs to put aside the indifferences and hard feelings and come back to San Francisco.  It is the site of where he took the 49ers to an NFC Championship.  Coach Jim Harbaugh is also the only coach to have success with Smith, which is the main reason for why Smith should return to San Francisco, feelings aside.

This is a decision that will shape Smith's career.  Success lies with Harbaugh, not with a Dolphins team desperately in search of anyone to light a spark under their team.  Manning snubbed them and Matt Flynn snubbed them, so what makes you think Smith sees something in this organization that the best quarterbacks on the free agent market do not?

Money is the issue here.  Smith wants to get paid and he wants to be locked up in a contract with guaranteed money in a place where he can start.  Miami offers that, but the championships lie with Harbaugh and the 49ers.

San Francisco restocked a team lacking a reliable wide receiver this offseason, only furthering the temptations of Smith to the 49ers.  Not only did the 49ers get a reliable wide receiver, they got two in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.

Stick with what works, and what works is the 49ers and another deep run in the playoffs.

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