Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Top 6 Bay Area Sports Teams

So since my blog is new to the internet, i though i would let you get to know a little about where is tand on the sports teams we have here in the Bay Area. So without further adieu, here it is:

6) Oakland Raiders

As long as Al Davis owns that team, i am gonna have a hard time putting this team any higher. He simply just does not get it, and no one will ever figure out why. He is in his own little world. I was listening to KNBR 680 AM the other day, and Tom Tolbert or one of those guys said that Al Davis is like a friend of yours who has that one long nose hair, but you feel bad if you tell him about it. Except everyone is telling Al Davis that he has that one long nose hair, yet he doesnt listen! They have 2 talents on that team: Nnamdi Asomugha and that punter (whatever his name is). Jamarcus Russell is a scrub as long as he is a Raider, and the moment he is let go or traded, he will suddenly flourish into an actual quarterback. As long as Al Davis directs that team into no direction possible, the Raiders will go nowhere, as will their ranking.

5) Golden State Warriors

It might seem obvious, but there is no coincidence why the 2 teams at the bottom of my list are there because of their ownership. In the Dubs case, Chris Cohan is Al Davis. 1 playoff appearance in 16 years is a helluva track record. You would think after that many bad seasons Cohan would give up already. But there really has been no chance to get out. Now there is, and the savior's name is Larry Ellison, or so he is perceived to be the savior (W's fans will take anything over Cohan). Bottom line is the W's are one of the worst teams in the NBA because they have no direction, but it also doesnt help that they have all those injuries. It's not an excuse. If Don Nelson really was the greatest winning coach in NBA history, he would figure out how to win with this team. They have talent, or had talent, but pissed it away (Carter & Jamison to mention 2). They have two actual NBA players (Monta and Curry) but everyone else needs to go. Start over. New ownership, new coach, new direction. No more Nellie ball!!!!!! It dont work! the only reason this team isnt ranked 6th on this list is because Al Davis is still stuck in the 1970's.

4) Oakland Athletics

I dont really have much to say on the A's, because it just seems to be the same thing over and over again: get a good player, see that player do well, trade that player for young talent, see that young talent do well, trade that young talent for another talent, see that talent do well, etc. Its like a big ol' never ending circle to GM Billy Beane. Although he'd be widely sought after if he ever left the A's, Beane has now found himself in a hole with no talent and nothing to bargain with to get more talent. Im also not sold on the Ben Sheets pick-up, they definitely overpaid for a picther who hasnt pitched in a year. The A's are at #4 because thye always seem to get good effort from their young farm system turned pro roster players. They'll find a way to stay afloat.

3) San Francisco 49ers

Here is where it gets good for the Bay Area. The Future. The 49ers may have the total package of any pro sports team in the Bay Area not named after something big in the water. The Niners have coaching, Defense, a mediocre offense, and a young, talented core. Mike Singletary has that team running on his terms and the way the game should be played: in your face football. We quickly saw that with the ay he handled the Vernon Davis situation. As long as that Freak of Nature they call P. Willy is on that team, they will always have good Defense. On the offensive side of the ball is where the work is needed. If they pick a quarterback or anything other than an offensive lineman in this draft, im gonna slit my wrists. There are no franchise-worthy quarterbacks in this draft, so wai til next year. Alex Smith is alright but not ur future. He will just be satisfactory for this next season.
But the main reason why the 49ers are an up-and-coming team, is because of something that didnt change any part of their roster. The fact that Kurt Warner retired never to be seen again in the NFL West is a great reason why it will be good to be a Niner fan this next season.

2) San Francisco Giants

The Giants are the 49ers of baseball. An accomplished coach, ridiculous pitching, and young, talented players. Teh biggest advice i could give to that team would be keep Buster Posey in Triple-A the whole season. Let him season like a slow-n-low steak. Benjie isnt that bad (80 RBI's a year?), and Whiteside can play some ball. The pitching staff is money, but i do feel like they need to go pick up one other starter just in cast Bumgarner isnt ready quite yet (the absense of Penny will hurt). All in all, the team looks good. They'll probably finish about the same as last year, with a shot at the wildcard. But the bottom line is they needed to upgrade their offense--and they did. They needed to sign Timmy--and they did. It just needs to mesh.

1) San Jose Sharks

There should be no doubt in your mind who the best team in the Bay Area is. For those who dont know, if the Sharks were a team in baseball, theyd be the Yankees. They are absolutely stacked head-to-toe with big-name talent. You can tell they have talent when their first line is Canada's first line. And Canada is the only country that cares about hockey. But go figure that the #1 team in the Bay Area these days is a team that has choked for the last half-decade in the playoffs. The Sharks and hockey in general will never be recognized in the Bay Area or the West Coast for that matter until the Sharks hoist the Cup. Good thing for us Bay Area fans, they are so good, young, and talented that every year is another chance to win the Cup...and soon be disappointed when they choke...again.

---Let me know what you think. Id love to hear your top 6 Bay Area sports teams.

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  1. 6)Cleveland Indians 5)Stanford sports 4)San Jose Giants 3)Sharks 2)49ers 1)SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS