Monday, February 22, 2010

D-Bruce Leaving Sportsphone

Damon Bruce of Bay Area sports talk radio announced that he will be leaving KNBR 680AM's Sportsphone after just over 4 years of coming across over 50,000 Watts every night.
For those who dont know who he is, Bruce is the host of Sportsphone on KNBR 680AM from 7-10pm on weeknights, where he preaches hard-edged reality to the Bay Area listeners who turn in every night to here him logically shatter their thoughts of their favorite Bay Area sports team.
Bruce IS sports talk radio. For the last 4 years, he has graced the Bay Area listeners with the truth even though no one wants to say it, but are thinking it. It's hard not to like the guy. Most listeners tend to disagree with him at first glance on most issues because he seems to bash Bay Area sports on a consistent level. But it is hard not to agree with the man when he backs up everything he claims with facts, not opinion. He was given a gift, and it's hard to find that in any sports radio host these days because it is more about entertainment (Uncle Gary) rather than hard-core facts and knowledgable opinion.
With punch lines like "No sound effect for Dave Feldhouse" and "Pound It, Pound It, Pound It" cleverly intertwined within a serious sports talk show, it's hard not to like the type of show he puts out over 50,000 Watts.
He will be missed from Sportsphone, but he is not going too far. He is airing on 1050AM from 12-4pm on weekdays and will take with him his dedicated listeners from his late night show on 680AM.
It is about time someone took note of this guy, and i felt a little spoiled listening to him everynight because i knew he was good, too good for local radio. There is no one more deserving to receive the promotion to bigger radio, and i wish him the best of luck. And remember "Sports dont build character, they reveal it."

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