Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warriors Woes

Where do the Warriors go from here? They are one of the worst teams in the NBA and have a coach that seems to lack the dedication and actual care of his team (It seems like Keith Smart runs that tema these days). On top of that, you have a disgruntled star player who is overplayed on a nightly basis resulting in him now being injured and out of the line-up.
But the coach is not where the blame should be placed. It is not his fault that there have been too many injuries to count. It's not his fault that the team has 5 D-leaguers on their roster (most in the league, by far). For that, we go straight to the top, and two words that will make anyone who has been a Dubs fan for the last 15 years cringe---Chris Cohan. It is he who i blame, not Don Nelson, who has received most of the blame up to this point. He is a money grubbing machine. You always hear myths about the ridiculous sports team owners who dont care about the teams they own, just the amount of money they get as owner. Well this is the actual thing! Im sure he is a nice guy, but from a sports fan's point of view, enough is enough. 16 years of turmoil is enough! The only other figure in the Bay Area holding on to his job by a thin thread is Barry Bonds holding on to his active baseball career.
Now is the time, Chris Cohan. Larry Ellison is your way out. He wants the team, and he has the money to make it better, and will use it. He is the answer and the way to turn around 1 playoff appearance in the last 16 years. Or maybe he isnt, but a fresh face to a drowning franchise would be nice. Something to give fans hope that things will get better.
They need to empty house (with the exception of Ellis and Curry) and start over. And what better way to begin change than at the top. Oh, and the firing of Don Nelson if he doesnt get the record this season.

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  1. Warriors need to completely start over...get rid of the owner, gm and most of all the coach..I actually like Nelly but he just isnt there anymore as he just mails it in every game. Trade Ellis now for a big man/name and let him and Curry gel. Its a start and ANYTHING is better than the product that is out there now. I pray for the day Larry Ellison buys the team