Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger to Speak on Friday

Tiger Woods is scheduled to speak on Friday about his not-so-distant past in a prepared statement that he will read to thousands of reporters and millions of fans that will be tuning in to watch him speak.
But for those who turned giddy at the thought of Woods speaking about what happened that Thanksgiving night, and the alleged 17+ mistresses, and about him coming back to golf soon, dont hold your breath. If anything has been known about Tiger Woods it is that he is as private a person as there is in sports. Every word out of his mouth and movement that he makes is strictly critiqued inside his head and thought out well before to protect his image.
So what makes you think he will say anything we dont already know or speculated before? It is a prepared statement and he asked for no follow-up questions which means that i highly doubt any significant new information other than a public "I'm sorry."
I see this happening one of two ways. The first being he will read the prepared statement where he speaks about how he is deeply sorry to his family, his fans, and his sponsors and then give a time table for his return to golf.
The second way is that in his prepared statement he will go into his sex addiction and the treatment he has received for it, but he will not go into the actual events, and how many mistresses he actually had, or how Elin has played and will play into the equation in the future.
Knowing Tiger, not much is going to come out, and if i were a betting man, i would bet on the first way of this playing out.
As for when he will come back to golf, i would bet that he gives a timetable and not an actual date for when he will be back. I am going to guess that he will play maybe one or two tournaments before the Masters.
But he is on the right course. It is good that he is coming out and speaking now, because the public was getting antzy waiting to hear something from him.
It is going to be a media bananza and viewers anywhere will flock to watch this man speak for the first time since hell froze over and the man who was perceived as perfect was in fact not perfect at all. He may have been just the opposite of perfect, and now he has to pay the consequences for leading us to believe in his perfection.

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