Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karma Is A Bummer

Remember when Baron Davis chose the Los Angeles Clippers over the Golden State Warriors a few years back in pursuit of the LA lifestyle? Remember how depleted Warriors fans felt seeing their one cornerstone to a playoff chance go out the window? Remember when Davis stuck his head out the sunroof of a Kia and lobbed an alley-oop to Blake Griffin? Remember when Davis was living the good life in LA with rising star Blake Griffin, and the Clippers lived happily ever after? Ummm no.

Baron Davis was traded to the NBA-worst Cleveland Cavaliers today in a swap of the two point guards Davis and Mo Williams.

The bigger story here in the Bay Area, though, is how screwed Davis' current situation is. And Warriors fans cannot be happier.

After seeing Davis walk from Oakland a few years ago, therefore draining Golden State of any chance of leadership on the court and taking with him all hopes of a playoff push, plus setting the team back several years, Warriors fans finally got even.

If you remember, Davis departed for LA, while the Warriors "scored" Corey Maggette...thus setting the team back several years.

All is now right with the world, though. Davis sits in Cleveland with the worst team in the NBA and a horrible draft class coming in. No hope.

Some have to think: Did a larger power play a role in how things turned out for Boom-Dizzle?

Yeah, it's called karma...and it sucks.

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