Monday, February 28, 2011

The Only Question Regarding Brandon Belt Is 'When?'

There is no question that Brandon Belt can play. We've seen it, and if we haven't seen it, we've heard about it. The kid is the real deal. The only question regarding the young phenom is "when?"

When will Brandon Belt play in the big leagues? To the San Francisco Giants, there are two available time slots for such an epic and much-awaited debut: Start of the season or during the season. There is no doubt, we will see Belt sometime soon, but fans just want to know when.

The Giants are notorious for seasoning their players low 'n slow in the minors. We saw it with pretty much the entire pitching staff they have now, and we saw it more recently with Buster Posey. You can't rush these things. The Giants want their players to stay in the minors where they can get regular at-bats and learn the game on a consistent playing level. Then when they're ready, they're professionals.

It's a proven method the Giants use because it works. That's why they're World Champions, because they know how to use their farm system and brew players for success.

For those impatient Giants fans, the word is 'relax.' What's the rush with Belt? He's good...yes. But is he MLB ready?

My take: Let's keep Belt in AAA to start the season and see how he hits with a target of 'phenom' on his back. Odds are he succeeds, as Posey did, but it's nice to get the kid some more at-bats and get him in the groove of things instead of going from Spring Training wiffle ball to the hardcore big leagues.

Treat him like you treated Posey. There's no rush, the Giants' line-up is full (unless you want Huff in LF, but that's another story). Could it be better with Belt in there? Sure. But let's wait on that idea and make sure he has as much seasoning as possible.

Odds are, the Giants are thinking the same way I am, and I would be shocked if Belt wasn't starting at first base for the AAA-Fresno Grizzlies come Opening Day.

It's just the way the system works. The Giants abide by it, and it is proven to bring success. So why go against it? Are we impatient and want the young phenom now? Yes. But it is for the betterment of the team that we let this young stud simmer in AAA, and then bring him up as the next great San Francisco Giants phenom.

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