Monday, February 21, 2011

Warriors Learning, But Playoffs Still Long Shot

They're teasing us, sure, but the Golden State Warriors are playing good basketball. They've upped their defense, and seem more in-tune on the offensive side of the ball. But by no means are they going to make the playoffs in the Western Conference.

The one good thing, I must say, to some from this season so far, is the fact that everyone on the Warriors now knows their role. Monta is the #1 guy, there is zero debate about this; Steph Curry is the side-kick; Dorell Wright is functional; David Lee is there when you need the ball in the post or a mid-range bucket; and Andris Biedrins, well, you go stand under the hoop.

It's helped, of course, but this team is still not playoff-calibur, at least in the Western Conference.

Currently, the Warriors are 4 games out of the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. Not too shabby. But the Dubz will have to get past the likes of Utah, Memphis and Pheonix if they want in. Not likely.

Now, there's no counting them out, but it's seems rather unlikely. The Warriors will have to put together one hell of a run in this 2nd half of the season, and then some.

It doesn't mean they can't do it. The way they finished the 1st half of the season was crisp and clean, and there's no saying they can't keep it up into the 2nd half. But theres no saying the Suns or Jazz can't pull away with it either. Throw the up-start Grizzlies in there for good measure as well. Too many obstacles stand the Warriors' way, and they're not talented or coached well enough to overcome them.

The Warriors have a shot, but it's a long one. A succcessful 2nd half would be Monta, Curry, Wright, and Lee coming together as a cohesive unit and giving us hope for yet another year.

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