Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 NBA Draft: 5 Players Outside the Top 10 That Will Have an Impact

When you think about the NBA Draft, one of the first things you think about is potential. What kind of a talent will this player be in three years?

Unfortunately, this draft is not stocked with superstar-type talent. What you will find are players that specialize in a certain part of the game that will benefit a team a couple years down the road.

For this list, we are focusing on players just like that.

We are focusing on those under the radar players, outside of the top 10 picks, that will be fully contributing in one way or another in the coming years.

No, these players will not be putting up superstar-type numbers, but teams will be surprised to find a future J.J. Redick, DeJuan Blair or Ron Artest somewhere in the midst of this shallow NBA Draft.

Kenneth Faried

Position: PF
Height: 6-8
Weight: 225
Age: 21
School: Morehead State

Faried has proven he can rebound. He led the nation in boards this past season, and is also the all-time leading rebounder in NCAA history.

Pretty impressive resume.

More impressive is the fact that good rebounders in college end up being good rebounders in the NBA, as well. It is one of the few stats in college that, history shows, translates into the NBA.

If a team drafts Faried, it will be for his presence under the rim, which is surprising considering he is only 6'8". Any team with a power forward scorer will be wise to scoop Faried up, as his relentless rebounding prowess would be a solid contrast.

A little undersized, Faried reminds many of a Dejuan Blair, who is also 6'8", but contributed well in San Antonio during his rookie season.

Klay Thompson

Position: PG
Height: 6-7
Weight: 206
Age: 21
School: Washington St.

Thompson is one player with huge upside in this draft.

At 6'7" with incredible shooting range, Thompson is going to be a mismatch for the opposing team just about every night he takes the floor.

His game will take awhile to fully translate to the NBA, but he may be ready to effectively contribute right now.

Think of him as a more athletic sharp shooter, such as J.J. Redick or Mike Miller, with the size and ability to take it to the hoop.

Shelvin Mack

Position: PG
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215
Age: 22
School: Butler University

We all saw what he can do when he took the Cinderella Butler Bulldogs to the Finals Four two years in a row. We also saw what he can do with the game on the line, and do not think that NBA teams do no covet a player that can take the ball when it matters.

Mack's strength at the point guard position is why he could be an impact player in the next few years. He protects the ball with his body, enabling him to survey the floor without pressure. We saw that countless times in the NCAA Tournament. He also has incredible range from the three-point line.

Down the line, Mack could be a lesser version of Deron williams, but with all the same physical attributes.

Jimmer Fredette

Position: SG
Height: 6-3
Weight: 196
Age: 22
School: Brigham Young

Fredette was an absolute beast in college, but his type of game has many teams doubting whether or not he can contribute at that high a level in the NBA.

Fredette's big body in college will not seem that big in the NBA, which is why his sharp shooting from any spot on the floor is key in how he contributes at the next level.

For now, Fredette is positioned at 15th overall in the NBA Draft to the Indiana Pacers.

What intrigues teams is that he is ready to play right away, and they will get a proven scorer who is able to take the ball at clutch time.

Think of him as a possible Ben Gordon in the next few years.

Chris Singleton

Position: SF
Height: 6-9
Weight: 230
Age: 21
School: Florida State

I might be cheating just a bit by taking the potential #12 overall pick, but Chris Singleton will have an impact in the NBA in one way or another.

He will not be wowing fans with his offensive skills, although those are coming along nicely, but Singleton brings versatile defense to whatever team he is drafted by on June 23.

At 6'9", he can defend any player on the floor from guard to power forward. His quickness and footwork are also reasons why he can go anywhere from #5 to #12 in this upcoming draft.

Think of him as the type of shut-down defender as Lebron James is in these NBA Finals, because of the height and ability to guard anyone on the floor, but more along the lines of a Ron Artest when it comes to all-around game.

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