Monday, June 20, 2011

Proof the Golden State Warriors Are Shopping Monta Ellis

Fan speculation and simulated trade rumors have been running rampid since Golden State Warriors adviser Jerry West hinted at a possible Monta Ellis trade this summer.

There have been confirmed reports that teams are interested in Ellis, but every proposed deal seen on the internet has come from pure fan speculation and not confirmed reports.

Nevertheless, fan speculation has fueled a more personal view of the Ellis trade scenarios, and on Monday the public got their first look at a "real life" proposed trade for Ellis this summer.

The proposal, reported by's Jonathan Givony, had Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Andris Biedrins heading to Orlando for the much coveted Dwight Howard.

So now there is proof, right?

Supposing this report is true, if the Warriors had any chance of landing Howard before, there is no chance at them landing him now.

What a disrespectful play at acquiring the most wanted basketball player in America.

Ellis, a score-first guard; Udoh, an uptempo defensive player with a trickle of offense; and Biedrins, a stiff.

Those players in return for one of the most dominant centers since he entered the league?

At least it is a starting point for the rest of the NBA, but why did it have to be the Warriors to throw the first punch?

It is good that Golden State is being proactive about acquiring a franchise player, but the Magic are going to smack that trade proposal around so hard that the Warriors won't come back again.

If they do, however, they might want to bring heavier artillery with them.

The only way the Warriors are going to acquire Howard is if a deal consists of Stephen Curry and David Lee. Not to mention, Udoh and Biedrins as pawns to go with it.

One notable thing did come from this, since that proposed trade was not worth notoriety at all, Mark Jackson is obviously not on the same page as the rest of the Warriors ownership.

Jackson had said in his press conference that he wanted Ellis on this team, and a week later Ellis is being offered up for Superman.

It shows how much pull Jackson must have in Oakland, or that Jackson is a liar.

Neither sounds good.

At least we know now that Ellis is on the table, and we can stop with the "is he or isn't he?" speculation.

The next step is whether or not Ellis will be traded on draft day. GM Larry Riley has shot this notion down, but I am not sure what to believe with the Warriors ownership these days.

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