Monday, June 6, 2011

Mark Jackson Brings A New Face To the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors named Mark Jackson their next head coach on Monday evening. After many possible candidates, it was decided that Jackson would get his first shot at coaching an NBA team in Golden State.

"After an extensive search and a great deal of consideration, we have come to the conclusion that Mark Jackson is the best coach for this team," Warriors general manager Larry Riley said. "He will bring a youthful and fresh approach to our team and the fact that he enjoyed a stellar playing career, where he served most of that time as the leader of some very successful teams, will prove invaluable in the long run."

He pretty much summed it up, I'd say.

Jackson had everything Warriors owner Joe Lacob wanted in his first head coach since taking over the team. He wanted someone trying to get his first shot in the NBA, and Jackson seemed to fit the exact mold and direction that Lacob wants to take this team.

A big name with a big personality.

He also brings a little notoriety to the Warriors. Since becoming an NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC, Jackson has coined phrases such as "Mama, there goes that man" and "hand down, man down," and has become a fan favorite because of it.

Jackson has some work ahead of him, though.

He may have a big name in the basketball business, but it will still be his first year as a head coach of an NBA team.

"I am really elated about this opportunity and I'm looking forward to the challenge of building the Warriors into a perennial contender," Jackson said.

He chose the right word with "challenging."

It will most definitely be a challenge, whether the basketball world decides if Jackson was the best man available for the job or not.

Make no mistake about it, this was Lacob's man that will lead the Warriors in a new direction. A direction that Lacob had planned the entire time.

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