Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Golden State Warriors Selected Two NBA-Ready Players

Remember all those NBA Drafts where the Golden State Warriors would select absolute projects whose talent levels would not be NBA standard for the next few years?

Kiss those days goodbye thanks to two names: Jerry West and Joe Lacob.

In just a short stint with the Warriors, Lacob has already taken this team from seemingly zero draft knowledge to knowingly brilliant draft picks.

Remember projects like Patrick O'Bryant or Ike Diogu, even Andris Biedrins?

In 2011, the Warriors selected two very qualified players that can play not three years down the road, barring good coaching, but players that can play tomorrow.

In Klay Thompson, Golden State does not get an all-around NBA-ready player, but with his 6'7" athletic frame, I'm sure he can be taught.

What is NBA-ready about him is his shot from the perimeter.

Next to Jimmer Fredette, Thompson has undoubtedly the best shot on the draft board with range for miles.

He is sure to contribute next season in that new and improved (and taller) backcourt.

As for Charles Jenkins, the Warriors pick at No. 44, he is NBA-ready, as well. This is the true point guard that Golden State needed.

For those asking where the big man was for the Warriors, this draft just was not worth it, especially with a player like Jenkins that fell in their lap at No. 44 after being thought of as a late first-round pick.

Jenkins has an NBA-ready offensive game, but his all-around game, much like Thompson, will come along with good coaching. And with one of the best point guards to ever play as their head coach, that may be sooner than expected for both players.

All in all, Golden State had terrific picks, even landing the upside of Jeremy Tyler from Charlotte, and most likely had a top five draft of all the teams at the end of the night.

The Warriors got valued talent at their positions in the draft, but most importantly, they got talent that can play and contribute right away.

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