Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Add Bill Hall To the List of Misfits

Bill Hall tallied his first two hits as a San Francisco Giant on Wednesday night. It was a welcomed sight for Giants fans, who have seen the likes of Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey and now Freddy Sanchez lost to injury at one point this season.

Hall's RBI double over the head of Arizona Diamondbacks' center fielder, Chris Young, on Wednesday night seemed to make all forget about what kind of an injury-plagued season this team was having.

Hall's big night also has some thinking.

Is he this year's version of Pat Burrell?

Both Burrell and Hall were cast off their respective teams and were picked up by the Giants.

Burrell went on to be the power behind the Giants' 2010 playoff push, and some think Hall can play some kind of role along those lines in 2011.

San Jose Mercury News columnist Andrew Baggarley reported that Hall said he "found something I'd lost for three years," after working with hitting coach Henry Meulens for a half-hour.

How that something was not found with hitting coaches before, I do not know.

Also, Meulens is good, but not that good. The Giants are ranked 29th in runs scored.

Still, maybe GM Brian Sabean has found a nut, yet again.

In 2010, he found Aubrey Huff in the offseason, Burrell mid-season and Ross towards the end of the season.

It is possible.

The Giants have had no lack of energetic jolts to this team this season.

Brandon Belt started 2011 with the Giants, only to be demoted to AAA-Fresno. Then Posey was lost for the season and the Giants brought up Brandon Crawford, who many did not think would be seen in the majors for another year or so. He has played better than expected.

Although those moves have meant to be jolts to get the team going and take their minds off of the fact that their best offensive threat is gone for the season, Belt has been lost to injury and has not played up to the level everyone wants him to, and Crawford has taken a dose of reality in the past few weeks. He is now batting just .224.

Hall was not meant to be a jolt to the team, more of a replacement for Freddy Sanchez, but he is as close as it comes to the 2011 version of a misfit castoff.

Of course, we will see how it plays out, but when a player says he found something in his swing that has been lost for three years, you have got to believe him.

By the way, three years ago he hit .225 with 55 RBI for the Seattle Mariners.

We will take his quote for what it is worth.

That is not to say Hall cannot be something for the Giants.

In 2006, he hit .270 with 85 RBI, after a 2005 in which he hit .291.

Hall has the personality and statistical history to be a good player for the Giants. He also has the work history worthy enough to considered another Giants misfit.

Just another castoff that could play a crucial role for the Giants as they look to steal another National League West division title.

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