Thursday, December 6, 2012

49ers: Jed York Wants To Build A 'Software-Driven Stadium'

With the 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara going up fast and the completion date getting closer and closer, 49ers' CEO Jed York is making known his unique plans for the new venue.

One thing York has pushed is his intention to make the new Santa Clara stadium one with a vast amount of technology influenced throughout it.

In an interview with CNN Money, York said he has already spoken to several companies that have expressed interest in teaming with the 49ers in producing one of the most technologically-forward venues sports has ever seen. The companies include local companies Brocade and Violin Memory, among others.
"What i really want to do is build a software-driven stadium, as opposed to a hardware-driven stadium. So when you're talking about you're scoreboards and things like that, you watch teams spend forty, fifty, sixty million dollars on a scoreboard that is something that is going to be obsolete in five years. I would much rather leverage the great companies that we have in Silicon Valley that are creating the smart phones, creating tablets, that our fan base and the majority of folks in Northern California use on a daily basis -- figure out how to build that tech stack so you can have a ticketless, cashless building and so you can watch different camera angles, you can get inside the game, so you can have that sort of home-viewing experience on your own personal device. It might not be something that's really causing heartache today in the NFL and in other sports leagues, but in 10 years i don't think fans are going to accept going to a game and not being able to connect like they would in their normal life." 

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