Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Report: S.F. Giants Concerned With Warriors' New San Francisco Arena

The Golden State Warriors' proposed new arena in San Francisco has drawn many concerns from many people and organizations, and the San Francisco Giants are reportedly the latest to join that bunch.

According to the Huffington Post, Giants president Larry Baer and the team's organization are concerned over the traffic that will increase substantially with the addition of another high-profile venue within blocks of
each other.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"It was inevitable that the Golden State Warriors' plan to construct an arena along the San Francisco waterfront would draw complaints from neighbors worried about bread-and-butter issues like traffic congestion. 
Less expected are complaints increasingly coming from the management of the San Francisco Giants, whose home at AT&T Parks sits only a few blocks away from the Pier 30-32 site targeted by the Warriors. 
In recent weeks, the Giants have increasingly raised concerns about the gridlock caused by the influx of traffic brought in by the over 200 events likely to be held at the arena each year. These transit issues could become particularly thorny when said events overlap with Giants games, bringing up to 60,000 visitors into the area at any given time. 
'You need for traffic to work for 41,000 people at our games,' Giants President Larry Baer said in an interview with KCBS radio. 'You have to make sure traffic works, the parking works, you have to have the transit supply work,' Baer said. 'So you can't overtax Muni, you can't overtax Caltrain, you can't overtax BART. You have to be able to move people around in the right way or you're going to have gridlock.' 
Instead of the Piers 30-32 site along The Embarcadero, the Giants have been pushing for an arena at Pier 50, south of Mission Bay, on the other side of AT&T Park."

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  1. Hopefully if you can build this new space for this equipment.
    It's a great team.