Monday, December 10, 2012

Harbaugh Pleads the Fifth, Then Suspends Brandon Jacobs for Remainder of Season

At 12 noon on Monday, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was not budging on the Brandon Jacobs situation, after Jacobs vented to the world about his playing time via social media on Saturday. A couple hours after Harbaugh's Monday press conference, the team suspended Jacobs for the final three games of the season.

Harbaugh did his best impression of a guilty man taking the stand in court at the presser.

Q -- Is Brandon Jacobs a problem? He’s made some comments on social media that he hates it here, that he’s rotting. What’s your feeling about that? Is he a part of this team? 
Harbaugh: I really don’t have a comment on that for you. No comment. 
Q -- Have you spoken to him about his comments? 
Harbaugh: No comment. 
Q -- Is he still part of the team? 
Harbaugh: I’ll go with the fifth amendment. I have no comment about that. 
Q -- He had some of these same issues in New York. When you acquired him, did you know this was a part of who he is?
Harbaugh: Yeah, just at this time, at this hour I choose to have no comment on that.

The 49ers did play the Jacobs situation as knowledgable and thought out as ever, though, as per usual of a Harbaugh-coached team.

San Francisco could have easily released Jacobs, which would be the most hurtful punishment a player can receive as a professional. Instead, San Francisco suspended him, so as to not allow a team -- say, the New York Giants -- scoop in, pick him up and use him for a playoff run.

Jacobs was not going to be used anyways, so really no harm, no foul for the 49ers as they look ahead to a backfield led by Frank Gore and LaMichael James for the rest of the season.

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