Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Justin Smith's Injury? Harbaugh Playing With Pete Carroll Through Media

The heart and soul of the 49ers' defense, Justin Smith, may or may not be injured, and that gives head coach Jim Harbaugh the perfect opportunity to provide a bit of uncertainty to the Seahawks/49ers game on Sunday night.

Harbaugh on Tuesday:
"Everybody affectionately refers to Justin Smith around here as 'The Cowboy,' " Harbaugh said. "I expect we'll see The Cowboy. Knowing what I know of Justin Smith and the situation, I think The Cowboy will be around, saddled up ... roping and riding. If it's humanly possible, The Cowboy will be out there, roping and riding."
Harbaugh on Wednesday:
“We’ll see,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll see how he feels today and tomorrow.”
There's a difference, folks.......

Smith has a consecutive games played streak of 185 games, and that could be in jeopardy this week.

That is except for the fact that JUSTIN SMITH DOESN'T MISS GAMES............

He'll be out there Sunday. Harbaugh knows it, Smith knows it and Pete Carroll knows it.

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