Tuesday, November 20, 2012

49ers: Harbaugh's Teleconference Cancelled, Back to Hospital for Evaluations

Jim Harbaugh never got a chance to clear up the comments he made about his current quarterback situation after Monday night's thrashing of the Bears.

If you remember, Colin Kaepernick lit up the Bears' defense in Alex Smith's absence, and Harbaugh's postgame press conference after the game did
not shed light on who would be the quarterback vs. the Saints on Sunday, only saying he would go with the "hot hand."

The comments have since sparked a quarterback controversy in San Francisco -- advertently or inadvertently.

Tuesday's conference call with the Bay Area media was Harbaugh's time to either clear up what he meant by those comments, or stoke the fire even further, but he never got that chance.

Harbaugh's teleconference was canceled last-minute due to follow-up evaluations for his heart that caused him to make a trip to the hospital last week for an irregular heartbeat.

He is set to talk to the media Wednesday at noon in Santa Clara.

Among the questions that will be asked to Harbaugh, 99.9 percent will be about the Smith vs. Kaepernick newly developed saga.

Harbaugh will have two choices: Give fluff answers and let the media decide while keeping the Saints in the dark, or give Smith the starting quarterback status we all assume will happen in the end.

We can expect the former not just because there is a looming quarterback controversy for the 49ers, but because Harbaugh's tight-lipped ways led to a "dump-trucking" of arguably the best defense in the NFL last week.

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