Monday, November 19, 2012

Harbaugh Noncommittal on 49ers' QB vs. Saints; QB Controversy Underway

According to Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers have two red-hot quarterbacks on their roster right now, and a decision will be made this week to determine who will be starting on Sunday vs. the Saints.

Colin Kaepernick blew the pregame expectations out of the water on Monday night in front of a nationally televised audience, and that will be
good enough to at least start some conversation around the water cooler as to who can lead the 49ers the rest of the way this season.

A QB controversy with a 7-2-1 team in complete control of the NFC West and Super Bowl or bust expectations on their mind?

Believe it.
"We really have two guys that have a pretty hot hand, but we will make that decision as we move forward," Harbaugh said after the game.
As expected or unexpected as his comments were after the game, Harbaugh did not commit to a quarterback on Monday night -- merely acknowledging the fact the 49ers have two hot quarterbacks on their current roster.

When a coach is as non-committal as Harbaugh was after the game, it is safe to say he has a QB controversy on his hands. It does not take much for Harbaugh to glance over a question with a blanket answer, which made the less-than-committed answer to the quarterback controversy on Monday night all the more intriguing.

Alex Smith is out with a concussion, but all indications from Harbaugh's coaching of the 49ers in the past have suggested that Smith will be the starter if healthy -- and he is sure to be healthy and cleared for contact this week.

However, can Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman ignore the amount of schemes and plays Kaepernick provides the 49ers with?

Kaepernick has the ability to run, to throw the short ball with touch and throw the deep ball with accuracy. While Smith's abilities are limited to managing the game with effectiveness, Kaepernick allows the 49ers to get elaborate with play-calls and that is how the 49ers destroyed the Bears on Monday night.

Smith is the safe play, though. He has taken the 49ers this far to where they are Super Bowl contenders. However, is it too early to give Kaeperick the keys to the castle after just one game?

Kaepernick has the hot hand after his Monday Night Football performance, but Smith has completed 25 his last 27 passes. They are equally hot and equally available to play on Sunday vs. the Saints.

Make way for the most anticipated week of 49ers practice in some time.

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