Tuesday, November 27, 2012

49ers Looking For New Kicker To Replace Akers

It did not seem like long ago that David Akers was deemed the 49ers' best offseason pick-up on their way to a NFC Championship appearance. Now, the 49ers are in the market for a new kicker to replace Akers, after his reliability took another major hit on Sunday in New Orleans with a missed field goal from 50 yards and a blocked field goal from 33 yards.

On Tuesday, the 49ers tried out two well-known kickers in the NFL -- Billy Cundiff and Nate Kaeding.
Cundiff is best known for playing with the Ravens, and Kaeding was a young and reliable kicker with the Chargers at one point.  Cundiff has already been released this season, after getting off to a slow start with the Redskins, and Kaeding is a notoriously bad kicker in the playoffs.

Kaeding, who would be the more reliable option, was released by the Chargers in late-October in an attempt to escape the $2 million salary owed to him.

The try outs are either a wake-up call to Akers, or a serious gamble on two kickers with well-known flaws.


  1. Why wouldn't they look at Jeff reed who is more reliable than both of those kickers..Jeff reed was 90% when he took over in SF.

  2. There are better options.... i prefer Kaeding, but i just think Harbaugh is scaring Akers just a bit