Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Steve Young on Rick Reilly: 'You Didn't Just Say That'

Rick Reilly's ego-driven antics on Monday Night Football created the now infamous Steve Young "death stare" that has captivated the sports world over the past 24 hours.

Young was simply doing what we all were thinking at the moment -- "Bro, really?"

If you missed it, ESPN cut to the Monday Night Football postgame show a little early than the analysts had thought, and the world witnessed columnist Rick Reilly motion to host Stuart Scott saying "Can you say i had this first on Twitter?"

What was worse than Reilly's over-anxiousness to be the first to report the news of Roethlisberger's injury was the fact he was actually not the first to to report the news at all. In fact, he was simply regurgitating other media outlet's news, as documented by Deadspin.

Young's reaction to Reilly was instant TV magic:

Young then appeared on KNBR on Wednesday for his weekly segment.

First question: What was the deal with the death stare?
"It was not a death stare. It really was a 'You didn't just that.' We didn't know we were on camera. It was more like a 'you're crazy' type thing more than i was upset about it."
Reilly has fully received the brunt of the whole debacle with numerous jabs from credentialed members of the media that have grown to become quite hilarious.

It has also sparked a questioning of ESPN's journalistic integrity, which has significantly wained in the past couple years with programs like First Take and their constant refusal to credit other media outlets.

Reilly was more concerned with the fact he had the story first on Twitter, which shows where a brilliant journalistic mind like Reilly is at this point in his career and where ESPN's priorities currently reside.

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