Thursday, November 15, 2012

49ers: Is Brandon Jacobs On His Way Out of San Francisco?

Brandon Jacobs has not received a carry this season, and it may all be coming to a head.

Jacobs was reportedly unhappy about the situation earlier this season, after he was declared fully healthy yet did not play a single down for the 49ers.  But he shook off the reports in favor of being ready for the team in the long run -- the playoffs.

However, Jacobs took to Twitter on Thursday with this questionable post:

The boss would appear to be Jim Harbaugh in this situation, if he is talking about his own working environment. Coincidentally, Harbaugh spent the day in the hospital being treated for an irregular heartbeat.

It is pretty clear Jacobs will not be getting any carries in the near future, and this tweet might mean the end of an experiment that never really got off the ground.

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