Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sabean: San Francisco Giants Keeping Hunter Pence, Brian Wilson A 'Wait-and-See'

San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean has some decisions to make between now and Opening Day 2013.

With the accolades of a World Series victory also comes the burden of players with newly-acquired World Series rings that want money now. Angel Pagan fits into that category rather nicely this offseason.

However, Hunter Pence is another story as he heads into arbitration with the Giants. The arbitration year could score him nearly $13 million next season, after rather disappointing production since the move to San Francisco.

Sabean made no bones about it at the general manager's meetings on Wednesday, telling that Pence will be a Giant in 2013.
"Pence is going to be coming back," Sabean said at the general managers' meetings. "We think there are some things he can do to fix what went wrong this year. We like the player. We made a big trade to get him, and he's going to be a Giant next year."
"We never would have traded for a guy that we remotely thought we would be non-tendering," Sabean said. "So any speculation about that doesn't make any sense. By that point in the season, you pretty much know where a guy is going in terms of the arbitration clock and the money."
The Brian Wilson situation is entirely different, though.

Wilson has had two Tommy John surgeries in his career and appears nowhere close to being ready for Opening Day 2013. After Sergio Romo's display during the 2012 postseason, Wilson's days as a Giant may be coming to a close.

He was also getting paid $8.5 million last season. Romo was paid $1.5 million.

"This was his second (Tommy John), and if anyone could defy the odds, it would be him," Sabean said. "But he's a long way from being at full strength, which means he's a long way from being cleared medically. It's wait-and-see. Until I get more medical information, we're not going near the subject."

Sabean also told that the team is actively attempting to re-sign Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro and Jeremy Affeldt, saying that he was "optimistic" about re-signing all three key players from the 2012 World Series run.

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